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Nancy Saunders
Realtor Associate
Phone: 850-567-4281

Talk about perfect timing! Nancy came to Investors Realty at the beginning of the end of the real estate market in 2007. She prevailed through the worst economic collapse of modern times and today she is one of the few still standing and staying busy in real estate. Her clients have quietly been purchasing investment properties throughout Tallahassee at bargain prices and favorable terms.

She absolutely loves hunting down the perfect property for her clients and selling investment grade income real estate. She probably gets her passion from an early age who as an Air Force brat, she moved from place to place more times than she can remember.  Nancy says her family used to go and visit open houses just for fun on the weekends but she always had a longing for the day they would be able to settle down and actually own that perfect little home.

Those experiences led to her love of finding the perfect home for each buyer–whether they are first time home buyers, downsizing or moving up to accommodate a growing family. She also specializes in working with investors to find them the best property to meet their investment goals–whether they want income producing properties, or homes that will appreciate over time or both. She can find the perfect investment that needs little work, or the perfect fixer-upper for a “flip”.

Nancy Saunders Realtor Investors Realty of TallahasseeNancy is an expert in getting a deal done on her client’s terms. Best of all, her clients are in the unique position of having a sales and property management services module built right into the brokerage business at here at Investors. She will help her clients analyze various best buys and craft a bid that usually leads to a successful closing at just the right price. Even before closing Investors will be lining up prospective tenants and making provisions for the repairs necessary to get the property in market ready condition shortly after closing.

Nancy is as dependable as the sunrise and she really enjoys the business even after all of these years! When she is not opening doors and going to closings she enjoys lakeside living at her home in Havana.

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