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How do I schedule a showing to see one of your rentals?

Click this link for: “Tenant Application”. We need you to complete the tenant application prior to scheduling a showing. After you submit the application, if you don’t hear from us within 4 hours please give our office a call at (850) 701-2300 during our business hours Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM EDT. You can leave a message on our voice mail and the message will be Transcribed and relayed to us.  We will get your messages and your submissions and generally respond within an hour.

All persons who intend to reside at the property must complete an application. The application fee is $100 per applicant due and payable only if you decide to rent out the property. We do not run a credit check but will be looking for solid references and pay stubs or other evidence of being able to earn gross income equal to 3.5 times the rent and make the payment on time.

We charge the first month’s rent in advance plus a security deposit in the amount equal to the rent.  To HOLD a property, cleared funds such as a postal money order or cashier check are required in addition to the application fee.  Once we pull a property from the market, the deposit is NOT refundable. 

You MUST have a checking account to rent from us effective 6/20/18.

NOTE!  We do not accept cash or credit cards.  Rent payment can be made online with us using a checking account or tenants can pay by money order. Returned items are $39 or 5% of the check amount whichever is greater. 

We must have clear funds for moves into our properties.

Do you check my credit report?

We do not run a credit report as part of the qualification process, however we are looking for the following:

Qualifications for every tenant:

1) Income verification – Applicant must be able to demonstrate a reliable and consistent income by being employed or receiving sufficient funds from other parties which must also be verified with documents, stubs and statements. Tenants who are employed must provide their recent paycheck stubs or letter from an employer indicating the gross amount of money they receive or earn.

In order to make sure that the rent being charged is affordable for our tenants, we require that their gross earnings combined equal no less than three and one-half times the amount of the rent. In the event applicants do not demonstrate having sufficient income to pay rent for property, a Guarantor may be accepted under the same conditions. Additionally, we may require a double security deposit.

2) Background check – We will refer to the Clerk of the Court of Leon County or any county that you may have lived in to determine whether or not there are outstanding issues including felonies, sex offense, or eviction issues. It is likely that we will not approve a tenant who has any one or more of these issues outstanding in the last five years.

3) Rental history – We must be able to contact your prior landlords. If we cannot verify to your rental history to our satisfaction, a double security deposit or a Guarantor may be required.


Do you allow pets?

If we allow a pet in your rental a $200 non-refundable pet fee, per pet, will apply. Additionally, a pet agreement must be signed by the pet owner and renter’s insurance is required as part of that agreement.

The following breeds are not permitted under any circumstance: Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Akitas, Doberman Pinschers, Chows, Rottweilers, Great Danes, Caucasian Mountain Dogs, Shaffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs, Beaucerons, Keeshonds or any mix thereof, or exotic animals or saddle animals. If you are unsure of what kind of dog you have you will need to provide a photo of it and/or a statement from a veterinarian or animal control stating what breed they believe the animal is. The only exceptions to our pet policy are evaluated on a case by case basis and reserved only for those persons that have a valid documented medical need and so long as the breed of pet is not prohibited for insurance.

When is my rent due each month?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month and late after the third calendar day of each month. On the 4th of the month the tenant is subject to being charged an initial late fee of $50 and then $10 per day for each additional day the rent is unpaid. After the 4th calendar day of the month, if the rent is not paid in full, the tenant is also subject to receiving a three-day notice demanding the rent with the tenant being charged $75 for the cost associated with collection and posting the three-day notice. Tenants, such as roommates, who might ordinarily pay their rent individually should understand that even though they might pay on time, all of the tenants on the lease are jointly responsible for timely payment of the rent including late fees and three-day notice fees. It is very important for each individual on the lease to be on time with their rent payments.  We accept online ACH payments and the fee is $1 per transaction.

Who is responsible for maintenance of my rental?

Some of our properties include lawn care, pest control, and trash compactor services. Otherwise, unless indicated on the lease, it is the tenant’s responsibility to have utility services including power and water, trash disposal services, and pest control.  Tenants are also in most cases required to maintain the lawn including shrubbery and bushes.

It is also the tenant’s responsibility to change the air filter regularly and smoke detector batteries from time to time. If tenants fail to change air filters on a regular basis, causing damage to the air conditioning system, they could be responsible for the cost to repair or replace and excessively dirty and unmaintained system.  We maintain our properties and we only want tenants that understand general maintenance issues are important like we do.  Normal wear and tear is accepted, but overt and negligent damage will be charged to the tenants.  Any maintenance issue can be reported 24/7.



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