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Investors Realty of Tallahassee TeamThinking of Buying, Selling or looking for Property Management?

Investors Realty helps clients buy, sell or exchange real estate and provides residential property management services for rental income property owners in the Tallahassee area.

What’s NEW and exciting in Real Estate?

Here you can find regularly updated market data so check out Market Reports on the menu for the latest news on the real estate market in the Tallahassee MSA (Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden and Wakulla County), market reports for Florida real estate including other markets in Florida.

You can also search for homes for sale and for rent, register to receive notices of property listings you like, learn about our property management services including properties we have available, and find out more about our team. Hover on over to the For Sale menu and with one click you can spin up real-time listings of New Construction Homes, Homes on Acreage, Multi-Family Properties, Student Oriented rental properties, current short sales and bank foreclosed REO’s.  You can perform a custom search of your own and save or share them too!

The right Realtor at the center of the transaction brings a serious creative advertising and professional effort and is the best choice for getting top price and terms more quickly.




Brenda Seagraves

Brenda Seagraves

“Steve is a stellar professional in the investment real estate arena. His team is well organized and his internal structure allows him to be most efficient and communicative. Leadership -strong leadership- is when the leader can leave the office and the job still gets done. Steve Wright helped a client of mine in Ohio dispose of some very challenging real estate in a very challenging market and he did it in less than 6 weeks. It proves that the knowledgeable people with strong leadership and discipline can get the job done! I highly recommend Steve Wright’s services and commend his entire team for their professionalism and strong communication skills.”

Brenda Seagraves, CBFC, PMS
CEO Ohio Commercial Funding Group, Ltd.


Web Marketing in Selling Real Estate & Managing Rental Property

This is an ever changing business so it is important to always be improving–changing up and tearing down if necessary we believe, for the sole purpose of managing our clients needs a better–right way. We work on developing smarter and more innovative ways to provide specialized real estate sales and property management services personalized for each of our clients big and small. 

Our unique efforts will increase the exposure and marketability of our listings leading to a successful closing which is why out of the 1000+ properties we have sold in the last few years and the hundreds of rental properties we manage today–our business continues to grow. While anything can happen, 96-99% of the 250 rental units we manage all around Tallahassee have been filled with cash-flowing tenants for the last 7 years.


Justin Core, Realtor Core Real Estate Group

Justin Core, Realtor

“Steve is an excellent resource for real estate in Tallahassee. His experience will bring light to a rather daunting marketplace. Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, or utilize their property management services, you are in great hands with the know how and experiences to make you competitive and comfortable trusting his advice.”

Justin Core-Core Real Estate Group, Coldwell Banker, Orlando

The Local Factor in Sales & Residential Property Management

First and foremost, predictable results and ultimate success will depend on the level of training, past experience, professional expertise and personal investment brought into the transaction by the individuals you choose.  From day one we bring expert marketing and negotiating skills with the ability to calculate, foretell, recognize and then manage the sometimes tricky moving parts of a real estate opportunity. We know the Tallahassee real estate market. We learn something new about people every single day.

Whether your goal is to acquire one property at a time, to buy multiple properties or to sell, Investors has the experience to understand and deliver on your goals from beginning to end. These professional skills take years to perfect. Success at the end of the day is all about hard work, persistence, enthusiasm and determination to apply the principles we’ve already learned from the wins and lessons of the past–this is the “character” of the transaction– and it is the most valuable thing we offer.

Steven Wilkerson

Steven Wilkerson

“We are very pleased to have chosen Steve Wright of Investors Realty as our broker in our quest to buy our 10,000 square foot commercial building in midtown Tallahassee.

The choice of a Realtor was a very important factor in the success of our purchase, as we knew negotiations with the landlord would be serious and possibly contentious. We were able to come to an agreed upon price that our Board of Directors approved and that left all parties satisfied, in no small part because of Steve Wright’s tenacity. He represented out interests with honor and with an intelligent persistence that proved to be the major factor in the outcome.”  Sale Price: $1.6Million



Investors brings local valuation expertise to our client’s decision to buy, sell or lease property. We know that once we establish the right market value for a property we will get the job done.

And at no charge, we provide our clients with these unique services and added marketing benefits:

  • Powerful web marketing that reaches the eyeballs of consumers through online searches and social media.
  • Email blasts to all of the active local agents and thousands of other Realtors.
  • Regular feedback on leads we receive and reports about what people are saying.
  • Expert prospect screening. We arrange showings only with qualified prospects.
  • Simultaneously help you search, shop, preview, evaluate and purchase another property



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in selling our home in Tallahassee. As you are aware, we were living in Orlando at the time we placed our home for sale. The long distance sale could have been very difficult. However, with your marketing efforts you quickly found a buyer. Once we had a contract on the house, you were so kind as to take care of all of the details involving minor repairs and finalizing the closing. Essentially, because of your efforts the sale of our house seemed effortless. We highly recommend your services to anyone selling a house in the Tallahassee area. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication.

Scot & Deborah Warner, Attorneys at Law


Steve Wright Broker-Owner Investors Realty of Tallahassee

Steve Wright-Broker

“Steve Wright of Investors Realty of Tallahassee, Inc. has managed three duplexes and one garage apartment for us since the fall of 2007. We have been very please with his performance. He has met our management requirements- receiving detailed monthly income and expense reports and maintaining the properties in excellent condition while maximizing the income received by us.”

Robert Parker, Shell Point, FL

Investors Sold

We got Steve’s name and number from an advertisement in the newspaper and the next day, he was busy showing us several properties in Tallahassee. My husband and I were most impressed by the time, patience and energy Steve put into helping us locate the prefect place for our investment. Like with any investment, maintenance is a must. Steve has been very resourceful in knowing who to contact to make any necessary repairs or replacements. There are many qualities that may define Steve Wright as a person and as a professional. Right at the top of the list is honesty. As a property manager, Steve exemplifies honesty through his excellent financial record keeping.. We are aware of every penny collected from our investment.

Charon and Tom Belford, Seminole, FL

We really appreciate the referrals from our friends, family and clients over these last 26 years and we promise to work hard for you!

Phone: (850) 701-2300

Steve Wright (c) 2014


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