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Investors Realty helps clients buy, sell or exchange real estate and provides residential property management services for rental income property owners in the Tallahassee area.

What’s NEW and exciting in Real Estate?

In my 26 years of selling real estate and providing residential property management services I have always enjoyed practicing my skills using the latest must-have tools designed to make the process more personally engaging, user friendly and efficient. To that end it has been quite an evolution of discovery for me with tremendous amounts money and time being spent to test what really works to affect the sale and what really doesn’t work to affect the sale.

In my mid twenties when I first started selling real estate and managing residential properties, my colleagues and I marveled at color photos on MLS systems, fax machines, beepers and desktop computers. When cell phones became widely available and with the advent of the affordable color printer, the marketing of my real estate listings and residential management services jumped to a whole new level–way past the days of just having a sign in the yard and little ad in the Sunday paper!

In the 1990’s and through the early 2000’s Real Estate books and related print advertising were conspicuously consumed by the masses and these glossy publications were the go-to for many home brokers, buyers and browsers.  Back then the idea of a public multiple listing database was unspeakable in professional realty circles. When the internet came along it was the consumer’s insatiable thirst for content and the ability to do research that outweighed any of the reasons for not making all of that juicy real estate information available.

Today, published print media to “sell” a home is dead except for possibly image branding in the local rags.   Rare is the case when a buyer calls on a random ad they see in print or TV and end up closing on that house.    More often is the case, with 90% of prospects, a Realtor is taking the real qualified and motivated buyers around to an array ever changing possibilities–and eventually they find just what they are looking for.  The remaining 10% of people looking to buy or sell in Tallahassee or “in the market” enjoy browsing and open houses and practicing their skills on usually inexperienced for sale by owner types.

Any Realtor can enter a property into the local MLS and today those details near instantly get folded into online searches on “” and across the planet on the web. One problem however with open source information, is that if everybody is doing the same thing then nothing really stands out.  The right Realtor at the center of the transaction combined with a serious creative advertising and marketing effort is the magic bullet to getting top dollar and having a successful closing.

Fast Forward today on Real Estate and Residential Rental Property Marketing

There are players in the internet real estate marketing space that download the information from our MLS, repackage and redistribute the information to advertisers, brokers and consumers, and their goal is to sell prominent display couched within that same information to the highest bidder.  Said differently, these companies buy our information with hopes of selling it right back to us!  Some will pay for this short lived position on sites like or, but how does that really help you?  I am not a fan of doing what everybody else is doing.  Nobody can be outstanding if that is the case.  I believe in this ever changing business we are either climbing or were slipping, so for me it is important to always be changing things and looking for ways to climb higher and increase the exposure and marketability of my listings for sale or rent and my unique real estate services.  Today that requires a mastering a whole new game.

First and foremost, success depends on the level of training, past experiences and professional expertise brought into the transaction.

The Human Factor in Selling Real Estate and Residential Property Management

From day one, we bring expert negotiating skills with the ability to recognize and manage the sometimes tricky moving parts of a real estate transaction.  These skills take years to perfect and success at the end of the day is always about persistence and determination, hard work and applying the principles learned from the failures and lessons of the past–this is the “character” of the transaction.

Investors brings local valuation expertise to the sale having closed more than 1000 transactions in Tallahassee and managing hundreds of rental properties around Tallahassee. Once we establish the right market price for your property we get to work providing these valuable services and marketing benefits at      NO CHARGE:

  • A Beautiful, fully indexable, fully optimized for Search Engines, detailed and shareable Custom Property Website
  • Powerful web marketing that reaches the eyeballs of consumers through propagators, online searches and social media
  • Periodic Email blasts to Local and other Florida Realtors that may have interest in your property
  • HomeBooks at the property with professional looking brochures, photos, details and disclosures.
  • Regular weekly feedback on leads we receive and the reporting networking efforts we make throughout the sale
  • Expert Pre-Negotiating with prospects, co-brokers and arranging showings only with Qualified prospects
  • Handling every detail from contract to closing including arranging reputable service vendors as needed
  • Simultaneously help you search, shop, access, evaluate and buy another home in Tallahassee or other city of choice.

I hope you like our new website custom built by yours truly. The site will always be a work in progress. It contains a lot of regularly updated data so please check out Market Reports on the Menu.  You can also search for homes for sale or rent and learn more about our property management services including income properties we have available, and learn more about our team.  I really appreciate referrals of friends, family and past clients and will work hard to make sure they are well cared for before, during and after the sale. 

Call or text me at 850-510-4312 anytime to discuss your real estate needs.


Steve Wright

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